What do you do when your husband might actually divorce you if you come home with another handbag? Get yourself a shop! Legitimate shopping!

The Queen of Hearts in Warwick. Who knew!

Wander a few minutes down the hill from Warwick Castle and you’ll find Smith St. A quirky street full of independent retailers.

Queen of Hearts is a joint venture with the marvelous Violet Says. Between us we can provide you with fabulous handbags and accessories while the Vixen will wow you with hair colours and styles that are perfect for you.

Take the time to come and visit us. You’ll receive a warm welcome if nothing else but who knows what you might find.



Violet Says, bringing Vintage Back to Warwick

Here at Violet Says we aspire to be innovators in the hairdressing industry. We are massive advocates for being your best self and expressing that self through the medium of hair.

Although we specialise in vivid colours and vintage hair and makeup styling, (which FYI go surprisingly well together! Check it out at violetsays.co.uk) we also offer all natural and current hair trends and services too!

So whether your looking for rainbow unicorn hair colour or a beautiful, icy balayage, you’re in good hands at Violet Says!