Counting Down The Days

Another day another dollar. Not quite but I have had a lovely day.

With shop reopening potentially not far away, Mr D and I took a trip to The Q of H today. Unfortunately my partner in crime, the lovely Violet Vixen being otherwise engaged.

The Q of H hasn’t been neglected as such but there hasn’t been a need to give her much attention.

So off we went with a bootful of new neon lights and the much coveted resin and compulsory glitter.

The plan was to give the window display base a luxurious covering of glitter resin. However the plan was flawed. Some may call it losing your bottle. I call it plan B!

After a new coat of black paint and some moulding I was more than happy with the outcome. The resin set aside for a new project.

A bit of a move around and we were done.

Look out for our competition in Women’s Health on 31st March for your chance to win vouchers to shop online!