A Heartfelt Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a little shop in Warwick that stocked lots of beautiful dresses, shoes and handbags. All it ever wanted was to open its doors. But a dark shadow cast its veil over the land and its door remained firmly shut!.

One day the shadow was lifted to more a greyish cloud. The shop threw open its doors and was blissfully happy. The end.

Hopefully that isn’t the end but just the beginning as the saying goes. It’s been a rocky start to say the least. However I’m grateful the pandemic has left my family and friends untouched and my condolences to those it didn’t.

Now for the happy bit!

I am sooooo excited to finally be able to fully open. That’s if Mr Johnson gives the go ahead. I really do think Queen of Hearts has something for everyone. I may be biased but it really does.

Being a curvy lady myself I found it hard to find quirky clothing that was on the wrong side of, well, just wrong! So i stock sizes from 16 to 32. Also some lovely gifts, shoes and handbags. A lot of handbags! I wouldn’t be that enthralled to be known as The Bag Lady but if the cap fits…..

As an added bonus i also share with the marvellous Violet Vixen who creates the most amazing vintage hairstyles as well as being a dab hand with fabulous colour combinations.

Look out for our opening offers!

I will be updating this blog regularly so please keep checking back and don’t forget to share. (Anything you like really but I obviously mean this post)

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